Different colours (patina) are available for bronze sculptures according to preference. Nickel casts are also available.

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South Africa's former President, Thabo Mbeki, and Botswana's former President, Festus Mogae, unveiling Alan's life-size bronze of gemsbuck during the launch of Southern Africa's first Transfrontier Peace Park, the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. For more details and photos click HERE.
Although an accomplished artist in drawing and painting, Alan began exploring sculpture in 1997 and this medium currently takes up most of his time.

"To portray the characteristics of a wild animal in a two-dimensional way, that is, through painting, is in itself a challenge. However, to capture these characteristics in a three-dimensional form, that is, through sculpting, remains for me the ultimate expression in art."

Before commencing work on a piece, Alan does numerous working drawings as well as skeleton and muscle studies until an understanding of the animal form emerges. Only then does he start the final sculpture.

Some of Alan's major commisions include a life-size bronze sculpture of two running gemsbok (oryx) for the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (see details below) and miniature bronzes of a buffalo for the golf players participating in the 1998 One Million Dollar Golf Challenge at Sun City.

NEW RELEASE: Ankole bull
Shoulder height: 10.6" (27 cm). Length: 17" (43 cm). Limited edition of 12.
Various horn shapes available on request.


Black & white rhino, corporate and miniature bronze series.
Miniature sizes: Black rhino (left): Height: 9" (23 cm). White rhino (right): Height: 9.4" (24 cm). Edition of 36.
Corporate sizes: Black rhino (left): Height: 18" (46 cm). White rhino (right): Height: 18.9"(48 cm). Edition of 24.
Above bronzes with silver nitrate patina. Other colours available


"Cheetah Bust". Life-size nickel and bronze cast. Height, excl pedestal: 19.7" (50 cm)

"Cheetah Flight II". CORPORATE SIZE. Front & back cheetah: Height, incl pedestal: 40" (100 cm) Length: 36 " (90 cm)
Centre cheetah:
Height, incl pedestal: 36" (90 cm) Length: 30 " (76 cm)
Limited set edition of 24.

The three separate sculptures can be moved around to the composition of your choice.

"Cheetah Flight I". LIFE SIZE. Mounted on 1 100 mm high concrete pedestals. Limited set edition of 10. Only 3 sets left.


Left: Artist at work on corporate size. Right: Close-up of centre cheetah.


"Cheetah Flight Series II ". MINIATURE SIZE. Front & back cheetah: Height, incl pedestal: 20" (50 cm) Length: 18" (45 cm)
Centre cheetah:
Height, incl pedestal: 18 " (45 cm) Length: 15" (38 cm)
Limited-set edition of 36


"Gemsbok Flight" (Oryx)
Corporate size: Height, incl pedestal: 24" (60 cm). Length: 23" (58 cm). Limited set edition of 12.
Miniature size: Height, incl pedestal: 12 " (30 cm). Length: 11 " (29 cm). Limited set edition of 24.


"Painted Wolves" (African wild dogs). Height, incl pedestal: 12" (30 cm). Length: (front & back dog): 12" (30 cm)
Length: (centre dog): 8" (20 cm). Limited set edition of 24.


"The Challengers". Height: 16 " (41 cm) Width: 14" (35 cm) Length: 33 " (85 cm) . Limited edition of 24.
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"Spiralled battle". Height: 6 " (16 cm) Width: 10" (27 cm) Length: 11" (29 cm) . Limited edition of 36.
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"Locked in battle ". Height: 11" (29 cm) Width: 17 " ( 42 cm) Length: 19" (47 cm). Limited edition of 36.
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"The Nesting Place". Life-size lesser bushbaby. Height: 17" (43cm). Limited edition of 36.
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"Black Duel"
Giant sable fighting.
Limited corporate edition of 24.
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"Silent Hunter"
Life-size leopard. Limited edition of 12. Weight: 396 lbs(180kg). Height: 32" (80cm). Length: 86" (216cm).

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